2013 issue 1


Volume 29, issue 1

Review article

Combined residential rehabilitation programs with substitution therapy for opioid dependent patients

Bogusław Habrat1, Karina Steinbarth-Chmielewska1, Helena Baran-Furga1
1. Zespół Profilaktyki i Leczenia Uzależnień, Instytut Psychiatrii i Neurologii
Keywords: opioid dependence, rehabilitation programs, substitution therapy


Substitution therapy is currently a treatment of choice for majority of opioid dependents. In that programs different kind of psychosocial interventions are used, although only minority of them is based on therapeutic community approach. Accessibility to substitution treatment in Poland is inappropriate and psychosocial interventions hold leading position. Majority of residential programs are based on therapeutic community approach. Effectiveness of that programs is low due to low attractiveness of drug-free aim of treatment and due to inability to abstain without pharmacological support. One of the proposals of adaptation to Polish drug treatment structure is a trial of effectiveness improvement of residential drug-free programs by combining therapeutic community with substitution treatment, even during some months residential treatment, only.