2010 issue 2


Volume 26, issue 2

Review article

Salvinorin A: pharmacological activity and clinical consequences

Jolanta B. Zawilska1, Jakub Wojcieszak1, Paulina Kuna1
1. Zakład Farmakodynamiki Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi
Farmakoterapia w Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2010, 2, 91–100
Keywords: Salvia divinorum, salvinorin A, hallucinations, κ-opioid receptors


Over the last two years psychoactive substances colloquially called "legal hights" have alarmingly gained in popularity in Poland. Salvinorin A, one of those substances, is an entheogenic compound which is extracted from the leaves of a perennial herb, Salvia divinorum. With its unique structure and mechanism of action different from other psychomimetic drugs, salvinorin A is considered to be the most potent, naturally occurring hallucinogen. This review surveys the current state of knowledge regarding the pharmacokinetics and pharmacological properties of salvinorin A; special emphasis is given to its potent psychotic activity. It also addresses the negative consequences of using Salvia divinorum products.

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