2008 issue 4


Volume 24, issue 4

Review article

De novo protein synthesis and memory processes in instrumental conditioning: new perspectives in the treatment of psychiatric disorders

Marcin Wojnar1
1. Zakład Farmakologii i Fizjologii Układu Nerwowego Instytutu Psychiatrii i Neurologii w Warszawie
Farmakoterapia w Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2008, 4, 201–210
Keywords: instrumental conditioning, de novo protein synthesis, consolidation, reconsolidation, extinction


The paper presents the actual knowledge about possibilities of infl uencing on memory processes in instrumental conditioning by protein synthesis inhibitors (PSIs) and a possibility of therapeutic application of PSIs in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. The author discussed the role of de novo protein synthesis in the brain in the processes of consolidation, retrieval, reconsolidation and extinction of instrumental responding. Moreover the effects of PSIs on memory processes in classical and instrumental conditioning were compared and differences between their effects on these processes discussed.

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