2002 issue 2


Volume 18, issue 2


Leczenie choroby Wilsona

Beata Tarnacka1, Anna Członkowska1
1. II Klinka Neurologii Instytutu Psychiatrii i Neurologii w Warszawie; Zakład Farmakologii Klinicznej i Doświadczalnej Akademii Medycznej w Warszawie
Farmakoterapia w Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 2002, 2, 148-152


In the present study current therapeutic possibilities were described. Wilson’s disease is a genetic disorder of cooper metabolism. Since the fifties of the past century it led inevitable to death, but after the introduction of chelating therapy the prognosis is good. Nowadays in Poland there are two specimens available in treatment of this disease: d-penicillamine and zinc sulphate, both are equally effective, but d-penicillamine has more side effects. The prognosis of survival in the majority of WD patients is favorable, provided that therapy is introduced in not very advanced stage of disease and long live continued.